About Emily

I am a mum to two wild and beautiful boys, wife to a wonderful man, and dedicated lover of 'love'! Weddings are an event that I absolutely adore and I have been 'in love' with them ever since my own (which is well over a decade ago!).


I love to create completely custom spaces for my clients. I am obsessed with the details - the quirky references to the couple's persona, the personal touches that speak to their family history, the subtle nuances that only those who know them well would understand. I am a big believer that there are no rules when it comes to planning a wedding, as long as the couple stays true to what is meaningful to them. It's so important to do your day your way! 


For me, being able to contribute to such a private and intimate event is an absolute privilege and it is so important to me that I deliver a memorable experience for all of my clients. 

PO Box 230

Miles, Qld 4415

Ph 0427 271 653

Email: hello@emilybeutel.com.au

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